2' X 8' Outdoor LED Sign Display

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** Choose resolution quality in dropdown menu. **

2' X 8' LED Display Sign Panel, Digital Sign & Electronic Message Center

Pixel pitch is center to center distance of adjacent pixels measured in millimeters. In plain terms, pixel pitch shows the gap between the pixels of LED display. The smaller pixel pitch, the smaller empty space between pixels. The greater number of pixels results in higher resolution and higher image quality.

To choose the optimum pixel pitch two factors should be considered:
1) The viewing distance and the required image resolution. Smaller pixel pitches are better all the time and deliver you better image quality, although costs slightly more.

2) You may decrease the expenses of LED display by using larger pixel pitch and have almost same image quality if the viewing distance is longer than best viewing distance. The best viewing distance of a pixel pitch is the distance that your eyes won’t be able to notice the gaps between pixels.